Blinis originate from Russian culinary traditions. They are moist crepes, small and thick without sugar, made from wheat flour and/or buckwheat.

The qualities of blinis

Our blinis are prepared using the highest quality ingredients : fresh whole milk, fresh whole eggs, butter, free from preservatives and additives.

This is what gives them their unmistakable taste : fresh, moist, light and rich ...

They are really easy to prepare: after defrosting, it is not necessary to reheat the blinis.

Some of the products in the range, with a selection of varying diameters and weights as well as different recipes

  • Cocktail blinis
  • Mini blinis
  • Blinis


usageOur blinis can be eaten as part of a buffet, as an appetiser or starter, for brunch or even as a snack..
Fresh, moist, light and rich !

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