Thin crepes

Wheatflour crepes are a typical product of the Breton region. Le Monde des Crêpes is carrying on this tradition by respecting the authenticity of the original recipe. We also include the product in several recipes to demonstrate the crepe’s adaptability to many uses.

The qualities of crepes


Our crepes are thin, soft and moist.
They are really easy to prepare after defrosting, especially thanks to their excellent texture which allows many ways of folding each crepe.

Some of the products in the range, with a selection of varying diameters and weights as well as different recipes:

  • Traditional crepes
  • Gourmet crepes
  • Home made crepes
  • Sweet filled crepes


usageuse As an appetiser or starter, for a main course, dessert, breakfast, afternoon tea or brunch,
the use of crepes offers infinite possibilities !

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