Fluffy crepes

Slightly thicker than classic crepes, fluffy crepes are also smaller and have a particularly moist and melting texture, to be eaten at any time of day.

The qualities of fluffy crepes
Our fluffy crepes have a particularly luxurious appearance, with a lovely golden colour and a pretty marbled pattern. Their size and texture are at the same time light and moist making them a really attractive product.

They are prepared using the highest quality ingredients: fresh whole milk, fresh whole eggs, butter, free from preservatives and additives.

After simply defrosting, they are really easy to serve.

Some of the products in the range:

  • Sweet filled fluffy crepes
  • Mini fluffy crepes
  • Buckwheat fluffy crepes
  • Filled fluffy crepes


usageUse For breakfast, afternoon tea, brunch, dessert, at coffee time, or even as a snack,
Let your creativity run free with fluffy crepes !

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