Our history

Since 1982, we have been producing the finest recipes for crepes and galettes at the Crêperie Jarnoux. In 2001, we launched our frozen range based on our existing expertise. It was in 2008 that the new factory was opened, dedicated entirely to the production of frozen products, under the name Le Monde Des Crêpes.

Our values :

  • An Expertise: Galettes, crepes, pancakes and blinis
  • An Ambition : To make a difference
  • A Will: To produce a complete range of crepe products
  • An Attitude: To Innovate
  • A Commitment: To produce the best
  • A Dedication: To cater for everyone
  • Certified and controlled quality
  • Differentiation via nutrition

Many and varied uses

Our range of crepes and galettes offers a thousand and one recipes, sizes and different ways of folding to produce delicious dishes such as Aumonieres, Cones,
Filled Crepes etc.