Oat bran pancakes

For those who follow a vegetarian diet, Le Monde des Crêpes offers an alternative to meat with a grain-based meal in the form of a moist galette, to be served hot, for example with either vegetables or a salad.

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TThe qualities of wholemeal galettes
Our wholemeal galettes form a complete and balanced meal, with a carefully calculated and balanced blend of grains and pulses to ensure a good protein-rich combination.
They have proven nutritional benefits.

These galettes have been prepared using a variety of ingredients selected for their nutritional value, while still respecting the taste qualities, and with colour to liven up the plate and the taste buds of your guests.

Some of the products in the range, with a variety of recipes:

  • Oat bran galettes
  • Taste of the Orient wholemeal galettes


usageuse Wholemeal galettes contain an appropriate protein ration, in a gourmet product, for your main meals, whether breakfast or dinner.

Nutritional qualities which liven up your plate !

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