An American version of our French crepe, the pancake first appeared in the USA in the18th and 19th centuries. The pancake is a sweetened crepe with a small diameter. It is quite thick due to the baking powder used in the recipe.

The qualities of pancakes

Our pancakes have a particularly light taste thanks to their moist texture, light and melting.

They are prepared using the highest quality ingredients: fresh whole milk, fresh whole eggs, butter, free from preservatives and additives.

After simply defrosting, they are really easy to serve.

Some of the products in the range,

  • Gourmet sweetened pancakes
  • Sweetened butter pancakes
  • Mini sweetened pancakes
  • Sweetened pancakes with extras
  • Savoury pancakes


usageUse Pancakes are ideal for breakfast, gourmet tea breaks, desserts,
 A definite choice for brunch !

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